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Code Your Future

Sophie O'Sullivan, about 2 years ago

Code Your Future is a coding school who work with disadvantaged communities. This includes prison leavers. They operate in the UK and also have a global reach.

Their free coding programmes support and empower participants on the pathway to digital careers. 70% of graduates go into employment or full time study after successfully completing the web development course. Code Your Future Graduates have progressed onto employment at companies such as The Financial Times, Ticketmaster and BBC, predominately in software development roles.

Amanul joined the Code4000 training academy in HMP Humber in May 2018, where he spent eight months studying digital skills. He discovered his passion for software engineering and coding inside. Upon release, he was determined to build a career in this field. Code4000 played a major part in helping him develop new skills, find direction and increase his confidence.

Amanulwas eager to learn more and further his studies in coding. In the community, he needed to work full-time to support himself so options for further study were limited. With help from the team at Code4000, he was put in touch with Code Your Future, who offer part time courses that he could fit around his work schedule.

During his studies, he further developed his skills in HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, and learned new technologies such as React, Node and PostgreSQL. In January, he graduated as a full-stack developer from Code Your Future.

I am thrilled to have completed the bootcamp withCodeYourFuture. It's been an amazing journey. The people and the community are the most amazing aspect ofCodeYour Future; couldn't have done it without them and their support. BothCode4000 andCodeYourFutureare still right behind me and will continue to support graduates throughout their careers. It really doesn't get any better than being part of such a big network of people from all different technical backgrounds and organisations.

-Amanul, CodeYour Future and Code 4000 graduate

Equipped with new skills and knowledge, and a fantastic network of support from both Code4000 and Code Your Future, Amanul is looking forward to building a future in the software development industry. His progression into this field shows great determination and resilience. We can't wait to see what's next for Amanul!

Removing barriers to learning is one of the key offerings of Code Your Future, regardless of a student's background. We hope to help many more ex-offenders with the same drive as Amanul. It has been a pleasure working with him over the last year and we will continue to do so until he becomes a professional software developer.

-Claire Bickley, Regional Manager,CodeYourFuture

If you are an employer working in the software development industry, please do contact Code Your Future to find out more about how to get involved.