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Entrepreneurs Unlocked

Sophie O'Sullivan, about 3 years ago

Entrepreneurs Unlocked specialises in providing self-employment support for men and women in prison and in the community.

The aim of the organisation is to empower people through entrepreneurship. With a firm focus on social and economic inclusion, participants are supported in their development to become small business owners or construction subcontractors

Guided learning takes place through a range of workshops. This includes anything from the beginning stages and fostering that initial entrepreneurial interest, to nitty-gritty details around resource planning, specialist tax advice and handy digital marketing pointers. Course delivery is a blend of distance learning resource packs, video call and face to face where possible.

Founder and Director David Morgan set up Entrepreneurs Unlocked after an eight-year career with Novus, the largest provider of prison education in England.

My vision is to reduce re-offending through entrepreneurship.

-David Morgan, Director, Entrepreneurs Unlocked

David was inspired to set up his own organisation following his research in the US on prison and community entrepreneurship programmes with low rates of re-offending. This important research was made possible through the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust.

He found that the rate of re-offending of these programmes was less than 10% compared to the US average of 60% within 2 years of release.

Within his recommendations, David points out that entrepreneurship is not just about setting up and running a business. It has a wider impact, boosting self-confidence and wellbeing, whilst also adding to an individual's value to a potential employer and society as a whole. Please do click the link to read more from David's findings.

David created a handbook The Little Book of Success Stories, which features case studies from extraordinary people who have set up their own businesses upon release. Namely Jacob Hill of Offploy, Nick Burke of Inside Workout, Richard Brice of Clean Slate Solutions, Gethin Jones of Unlocking Potential, John Burton of Inside Connections and Richard McCann of iCan Academy.

It was sent to the current cohort in custody on the distance learning programme, providing a source of motivation and positivity at this time.

I am proud to be included in the Exceptionals Directory amongst so many great organisations that support prison leavers. In a time where employment opportunities are reducing, recognising and developing entrepreneurial talent to reduce re-offending will become even more vital.

-David Morgan, Director, Entrepreneurs Unlocked

Anything is possible, back yourself to succeed, keep focussed and don't give up.

-Richard Brice, Founder, Clean Slate Solutions.

With the Covid-19 pandemic likely to impact upon prisoners' chances of securing work on release, self-employment is crucial.

There are over five million self-employed people in the UK and it is the nation's fastest growing workforce.Through entrepreneurship, people can earn a legitimate income that will support themselves, their families and local communities.

If you would like to find out more about Entrepreneurs Unlocked, please do get in touch via our directory.

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