Our directory of organisations that provide services for companies looking to employ ex-offenders.
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  • Bad Boys' Bakery

    01234 567 890 Website

    Bad Boys' Bakery is a social enterprise inside HM Prison Brixton that effectively helps people with convictions improve their skills and reintegrate them into society and employment on release.

    Blue Sky

    Commercial Contracts - Refuse + Ground Maintenance
    01895 839 848 Website

    Blue Sky is a social enterprise with a difference - it only employs ex-offenders. Offering a proper job with a proper company, it aims to break the cycle of re-offending and challenge perceptions about ex-offenders, achieving real and long-term benefits for society. In addition to commercial work opportunities it also provides training and support inside prisons, preparing inmates for the workplace.

    Bounce Back

    020 7735 1256 Website

    Bounce Back works in several prisons, as well as with London Probation, to offer training, working experience and employment to offenders at the end of their sentences using the skills developed both in custody and on release. Their training centres provide courses in painting and decorating, dry walling, and scaffolding.

    Business in the Community

    Public sector
    020 7566 8650 Website

    Business in the community is a business-led charity with more than 30 years' experience of mobilising business. Through their programmes they engage thousands of businesses with a core membership of more than 800 organisations from small enterprises to global corporations.

    Clean Sheet

    Public sector
    01234 567 890 Website

    Clean Sheet is a Christian charity - empowering local churches and employers to support prisoners and ex-offenders into the world of work by offering a unique 3-Step Pathway from prison to employment.

    The Clink Charity

    020 7147 6724 Website

    The Clink Charity works in partnership with HMP Service to run projects that train and give practical skills to prisoners to aid their rehabilitation. The Clink Restaurants allow prisoners to learn, engage with the public and take their first steps towards a new life.

    Freedom Bakery

    01234 567 890 Website

    Freedom Bakery is a social enterprise artisan bakery based at HMP Low Moss near Glasgow, which trains and develops the skills of a small team of people in custody who learn on the job.

    Handmade Alliance

    Public sector
    07780 707 004 Website

    Throughout their learning programmes in textiles, merchandising and retail, The Handmade Alliance provides meaningful activity and training for prisoners during imprisonment, and a period of work experience/employment (including further training and pastoral care) on release, where this can dramatically reduce re-offending rates.

    Hire Hand


    Pop Up staff for Pop Up Traders. Hire hand is a recruitment app that ranks and allocates workers, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds to employers who need them by the hour or the day.

    Only Connect

    Public sector
    020 7278 8939 Website

    Only connect is a creative criminal justice charity, rooted in community. The focus of their work is innovation to reduce re-offending. They work with Londoners aged 16+ with recent experience of the justice system, equipping them with the necessary skills, attributes and positive networks to develop and pursue their life goals without harm.

    RISE Mutual


    RISE Mutual is a Community Interest Company (CIC) owned by its employees. It provides criminal justice and rehabilitation programmes, to transform the lives of individuals, families and communities. Employees largely comes from the former Interventions Department of London Probation, so they possess a wealth of experience working with offenders.

    St Giles Trust

    020 7708 8000 Website

    St Giles Trust aims to help break the cycle of prison, crime and disadvantage and create safer communities by supporting people to change their lives. Through it's peer advice programme of mentoring it helps to prepare ex-offenders for employment as well as managing other aspects of their life post prison.


    020 7650 8989 Website

    Switchback is a completely different, intensive rehabilitation programme that supports young adult offenders - Trainees - to make real, long-lasting change after their release from prison.

    Unlock - for people with convictions

    01634 247 350 Website

    Unlock is an independent award-winning national charity that provides a voice and support for people with convictions who are facing stigma and obstacles because of their criminal record, often long after they have served their sentence.

    Recruit! is a website run by Unlock that supports UK employers to recruit people with convictions. It helps companies to deal with criminal records fairly by sharing good practice, providing free guidance and tools, and showing what other employers are doing.

    Willowdene Farm

    01746 718 658 Website

    Willowdene Farm, established in 1988, is a premier provider of rehabilitation and training in the UK.

    Working Links

    0800 917 9262 Website

    Working Links was established in 2000 to deliver specialist and tailored services for people with varying and often complex needs to enable them to create better futures for themselves and their communities.

    Working Chance

    020 7278 1532 Website

    Working Chance are an award-wining charity that supports women with criminal convictions into sustainable, quality jobs.


    01134 575 202 Website

    Offploy CIC is specialist ex-offender recruitment agency with a twist… We not only reinvest our profits back in to supporting our client organisations to become ex-offender friendly but we also reinvest in mentoring all of our candidates in to meaningful and sustainable employment.

    Pen Optical

    01622 674 670 Website

    Pen Optical is an organisation that aims to reduce re-offending by giving ex-offenders a second chance. An 8 week training programme in optics is run for individuals at Standford Hill and East Sutton Park prisons who are nearing the end of their sentence. Support is then provided to certain prisoners who are looking to gain employment in optics.

    Tempus Novo

    07868 569 509 / 07583 969 889 Website

    Tempus Novo is an award-winning charity which believes that employment is the key to breaking the cycle of crime. By building relationships with partner organisations, Tempus Novo is able to create employment opportunities for ex-offenders and move them away from a life of crime.


    020 3752 5560 Website

    RAPt supports over 15,000 people every year with drug and alcohol dependence, both in prison and in the community, to overcome the grip of addiction and lead positive lives, free from drugs, alcohol and crime. RAPt is there for as long as it is needed with support ranging from the UK's leading abstinence based rehabilitation programme in prison through to helping ex-offenders find and keep jobs. This work isn't just for clients, but for their families too, and there is support to help them reconcile and rebuild relationships after the often traumatic and damaging impact of addiction and crime. RAPt believes everyone is capable of transformational change, no matter how entrenched their addiction or how prolific their crimes.

    Spark Inside

    020 3468 0706 Website

    Spark Inside is pioneering the use of professional coaching in prisons to promote rehabilitation, tackle violence and reduce re-offending.

    Prisoners' Education Trust

    020 3752 5680 Website

    Prisoners' Education Trust (PET) is a charity working across 125 prisons in England and Wales to help people in prison achieve their potential through learning. PET offers access to distance learning, arts and hobby materials, as well as advice and guidance to prisoners across the country. PET also promotes and argues the case for prisoner education, encouraging policy-makers and parliamentarians to recognise the positive impact of tailored education provisions in our prisons.

    The Hard Yard

    Sport and Fitness

    The Hard Yard is a fitness brand that trains + employs people leaving prison to lead tough workouts across London.

    The Oswin Project

    01670 462 595 Website

    The Oswin Project supports ex-offenders in North East England by sourcing paid employment and apprenticeship opportunities. It works closely with HM Prisons, employers and partners to maximise potential. They are creating second chances for ex-offenders through training, support and employment in order to break the cycle of re-offending.


    0300 123 1889 Website

    Nacro is a social justice charity that uses diverse and innovative approaches to strengthen communities and improve the lives of some of the most vulnerable people throughout England and Wales. Nacro has a dedicated Employer Advice Service which seeks to promote best practice among employers, education providers and other organisations by giving them the practical guidance, operational support and training they need to make informed decisions concerning ex-offenders. In 2015, Nacro launched The Aeneid Project, a ground- breaking initiative which seeks to improve the education, training and employment opportunities for individuals who have criminal records, up skill practitioners such as probation officers and employment support advisers, and provide local employers and educational establishments with the resources, support and training they need to take on ex-offenders.

    Synergy Theatre Project

    020 3668 6730 Website

    Synergy Theatre Project works through theatre towards the rehabilitation of prisoners, ex-prisoners and young people at risk of offending. Synergy seeks to create ground-breaking work, harnessing the energy, instincts and life experiences of those they work with, giving them a voice and, in doing so, their dignity back. Their work provides practical opportunities which builds a bridge from prison to social integration and seeks to prevent young people from entering the criminal justice system.


    Charity and Social Enterprise
    0115 850 8190 Website

    P3 is a charity and social enterprise which aims to improve lives and communities by delivering services for socially excluded and vulnerable people to unlock their potential and open up new possibilities. P3 is also a member of Purple Futures, a partnership which manages five Community Rehabilitation Companies (CRCs) in the UK.

    Recycling Lives

    Recycling and Waste Management
    01772 654 321 Website

    Recycling Lives is a social business, using profits from its commercial recycling and waste management operations to sustain and support a social welfare charity. This offers offender rehabilitation through training, employment and accommodation, significantly reducing reoffending by offering job opportunities in its recycling business or with partner organisations in other sectors.

    3 Pillars Project

    Sport and Fitness
    07754 820 822 Website

    3 Pillars Project works within the criminal justice system to provide positive role models through rugby coaching courses. Using excellence in sport and military leadership, we focus on the three pillars of exercise, education and ethos as a foundation for effective rehabilitation. Our community offers long-term support to all course graduates and is committed to empowering individuals' potential to make a positive contribution to society in the future, regardless of their past.


    Education, Training and Employment Services
    03333 222 888 Website

    For over two decades, Novus has been delivering education, training and employment opportunities to adults and young people in UK prisons. They aim to improve lives and economic success, as well as reduce reoffending rates, through learning and skills-training. They provide interventions that reduce reoffending and divert people from criminal behaviour, allowing them to make a positive contribution to society.

    Prosper 4 Group

    0203 021 4780 Website

    Founded in 2014 by ex-offenders to assist other ex-offenders, Prosper 4 Group aims to improve the employment opportunities for people with convictions. They look to assist businesses with their staffing requirements by helping them access a pool of appropriately trained and well-motivated ex-offenders. They also offer self-employment support, running training programmes and providing business launch support for clients both in custody and post-release. Finally, they work both with prisons to identify the most productive ways to utilise their industrial capacity as well as with businesses to help them utilise prison industries to increase their production capacity, with the ultimate aim of improving the skills of ex-offenders and providing them with meaningful employment in custody.

    Service Clean UK

    0207 164 6073 Website

    Service Clean UK is a commercial cleaning company which provides ex-offenders with training and work experience as well as help securing interviews and employment with other professional cleaning companies. Service Clean UK is part of the Quesera Group.

    The Chrysalis Programme

    Personal Development
    07801 438 140 Website

    The Chrysalis Programme is a world class Personal Leadership and Effectiveness Development Programme. This innovative and holistic personal change programme engages, inspires and compels individuals to own and drive personal change in their lives. Using positive reinforcement techniques, the programme aims to stimulate participants' thinking, attitudes and social capability. It inspires them to challenge their paradigms of thought and behaviour, increasing their feelings of self-esteem, self-motivation and hope.

    Trinity Fencing CIC

    01795 385 070 Website

    Trinity Fencing provide hoarding, fencing, landscaping and tree-surgery services, and serve the community through rehabilitating young ex-offenders. With 30 years' trade experience and over 2 years working in the prison ministry, the Founder and Director, Simon Gadd, was led to create opportunities for ex-offenders through a 3-year apprenticeship with Trinity Fencing.

  • Ban the Box


    A practical guide for employers who are looking to take on ex-offenders. It provides useful information on the legal, regulatory and contractual implications of employing someone with a criminal record.


    Clean Sheet Employers Guide


    Employers sometimes believe that ex-offenders lack soft skills, such as honesty or reliability. These perceptions are challenged by employers' actual experience.

    Read More

    Reducing Reoffending Through Employment


    A guide, created by Business in the Community that outlines the steps businesses can take to support ex-offenders into employment.


    Recruiting Safely and Fairly


    A practical guide put together by Nacro to help employers recruit ex-offenders safely and fairly.

    10 Things About Criminal Records


    A guide created by Unlock for employability professionals supporting people into work. It is designed for practitioners that support people with criminal records into employment.

    Hiring ex-offenders: A toolkit for businesses


    Sharing their own positive experiences with other businesses, Virgin Trains offer practical advice and encouragement about the value of employing people with criminal convictions. This toolkit covers aspects such as planning a recruitment day and disclosure at interview.

    Strengthening your workforce with talent from disadvantaged groups


    Created by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and produced in partnership with Business in the Community (BITC), this step-by-step guide supports employers reviewing their recruitment practices to ensure they are open and fair for all candidates, including those from disadvantaged groups, such as ex-offenders.

    Employing Ex-offenders: Making the Right Choice


    The Institute of Hospitality has produced a guide to employing ex-offenders for businesses working in the hospitality industry, including within it a case study of the work done by The Clink Charity to provide training and employment opportunities for ex-offenders.

    Unlocking the Potential of the UK's Ex-Offenders


    The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has produced this short guide, offering information and advice about banning the box and recruiting ex-offenders.

    Helping Offenders Find Employment


    Russell Webster has put together a resource pack aimed at helping ex-offenders who are looking for employment. The pack is divided into three sections: 1) help with disclosure; 2) help with finding work; and 3) employers with good reputations for taking on offenders.

    Recruit! Supporting the fair treatment of people with criminal records


    Recruit! is a website run by the charity Unlock that supports UK employers to recruit people with convictions. It helps companies to deal with criminal records fairly by sharing good practice, providing free guidance and tools, and showing what other employers are doing.